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Mobile One

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The has the power capacity of a solar home system and the flexibility of a portable torch. The mobile One can be charged using the 2.5Wp solar panel or any other USB port, found on the Chicken Friendly, Spark and Chicken Friendly Boost. Connect additional appliances like a mobile phone or radio for extra power. 

Available in Blue, Green and Red.

Fosera. mobile ONE mobile ONE


Nominal System Voltage
3.2 V
System capacity
3.8 Ah
Battery type       LiFePO4
Brightness (Mode 1/2/3) 17 / 70 / 210 lm
Recommended module peak power 2.5 Wp
Appliance outlets 1x Regular
USB outputs 1x USB output
Solar input
1x Solar input
173 g
Dimensions 135 x 60 x 60 mm
Full battery runtime* (Integrated light 100%)
5:30 hrs

*additional phone charging will reduce the runtime